About us

Our small, but efficient team is located in the centre of Plovdiv, where we design collections that manage to keep a delicate balance between the modern and the classic look. Our designers share a responsibility towards their customers and safeguard their privilege to be always dressed both in style and in comfort.

We could go into details about our past history, but, to us, it is far more important to focus on new goals and ideas, and the future. Over the years, what we have always wanted to preserve has been a personal touch. Yes, that is exactly right - not merely some form of contact or a passing nod, or a wink in your general direction. We have aspired to preserve our personal touch as we grow and expand and to be as transparent as possible. And here is why we share with you a great deal of what happens behind the curtain. How we select and present various items, and how we manage different processes. No matter what we have accomplished, we have always aspired to be close to our customers and especially our fans.

Our basic goal is to justify your high expectations, as we assist you in making the perfect choices for you. No matter if it involves a cocktail date, late night dinner, Sunday brunch, or simply casual everyday activities, each and every occasion provides us with the opportunity to give it our very best. Being able to get acquainted in detail with your personal wishes and specific requirements is one of the precious benefits we have acquired over the years with experience. Let us prove to you that the perfect outfit is just a mouse-click away.

Managing a business requires a great deal more that a passion for elegance, design and style. At 'elook' that sort of passion has always been on the forefront. We might not have all the answers so let us find them together. We owe a great deal of gratitude to you, our dear customers, for having joined us on this precious journey together, and we hope sincerely that you would continue to be part of our history.