Dear ladies,

The holidays are on our doorstep and with them comes along the wish to be shinier, more fabulous and charming in those special moments. Without intruding, we will give you a few tricks and tips on how to amaze everyone in those upcoming celebrational days!

     Firstly, you have to take time for your perfect outfit. Whether you bet on a classic dress or something out-of-this-world to attract all the looks – it’s all your decision! This celebrational collection that we present collects dresses, costumes (Dress and a Blazers, Blouse and Trousers) as skirts and pants, suitable to combine a large profusion of elegant blouses. Be sassy and pick a lace or a sparkling element or choose a “pencil” skirt that will be easy to combine for your future daily or office meetings.

An overcoat is an inevitable necessity at this time of the year. A cashmere coat, delicate boucle or a natural structure of vizon with the suitable length it’s the perfect final touch! Whether you prefer a short coat without a hood that underlines your activity’s style or a long a very chic one, which will embrace you as a hot cup of chocolate on Christmas.

     Handbag. Pay some serious attention to the handbag that you will choose for your special evening. In section “Accessories” we have a majority of different types of handbags which will suit every possible outfit. All of them are made of “eco” leather, because we don’t aim to hurt an animal with a commercial or any other purpose as in the same time, they are coming really close to the ones that have been made from a real leather.

     Make-up! Keep in touch with the details. The colour of your outfit is the key for the rest of your whole outlook. In case you choose a red dress with lace sleeves, bet on a simple hairstyle but put a red lipstick as accent. If you prefer the small black dress experiment with a colourful make-up or a special hairstyle. A little brocade over your eyeliner or golden shadows at the beginning of your eye attracts the looks. It’s New Year’s Eve isn’t it?

     H-A-I-R! This word is so important for every lady, it’s a total must in our post. In case your outfit is simpler choose your hair to be wavy “mermaid style” with a tiny special tiara. If you consider your outlook as extravagant you can add a pinch of conservative as you put your hair in a small side bun. Why not diy a few hairs with a colour spray the same as your clothes are? Anything is allowed in the sparkling night!

    Manicure. The nails can vary from the classic French to a variation with Rudolf, pine twigs or mistletoe. The most important is to be suitable with your whole outlook and stay away from neon tones or palm trees. The manicure can stay simple, but fresh and as a nice final touch to your whole look.

     Shoes. The shoes you will pick at this fancy nigh must answer two rules – to suit your whole outlook and be comfy! Bet on the dances, instead of keeping your seat because of some horrible calluses.

We hope that you can profit from this post if you had any hesitation about their final look at the coming holidays! We wish you a lot of health, amity and love to all of our clients!

No woman deserves to be "invisible"
No woman deserves to be "invisible"...
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