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When it comes to dresses,one must agree that they are this type of clothing that changes and uplifts women's outlook and self-esteem.It's the type of wear,that you can always use to go to a planned or a random event and to look and feel like it is held for you especially.We offer you to take a look down below at some suggestions that can help you become exactly this kind of center of attention.

The bodycon dress

This dress is made to hint about all the beauty that it's kept below it.Demonstrate your amazing shape only by wearing this kind of dress.It embraces your figure as a second skin and is designed to highlight your curves.It comes in different lenghts and sizes,sleeves and designs.Add some extras to complete your look.High heels,small clutch and a pearl necklace will be the final touch that will make you the center of attention at the party long after it was over.

The little black dress

Suitable for a cocktail party,night at the club or a wedding event,the little black dress is the best life-saver when there is nothing else to wear at the fifth event in row.There are plenty of variations in the little black dress's design that you can come to nowadays.The final choice depends on the question which one fits your bodytype and gives you the best self-esteem.

The backless dress

When it comes to the backless dress the first words that crosses your mind are "sophistication" and "sexiness" that just has to be taken a look at.The short versions of this kind of dress are usually worn at a formal or half-formal events.The long version is acceptable for a elegant dinners,notable or festival events.There is nothing hotter that a femaly body in backless dress.This kind of dress is a must for every female and stylish warderobe.

The event dress/The official dress

The official events have a complicated and own style which is inimitable.The dresses are made of a mix of complicated decorations,very delicate lace,seme with beads and sequins with lenght up to or below the knee.The elegant,long,sateen dresses in darker shades and deep slits are the image that we visually accept when it comes to a well-known vision for a formal dress.

The short dress

This is the perfect dress for a girls night in town,travel or just a daily outfit through summer - short dresses can be used at their maximum in many cases.The short dresses are another reason to show-off your amazing legs just properly without receiving a "complain" for distracting someone's attention.Play with colour,design,fabric and enjoy the effect that you spread on everyone else around you.

Dress  "pencil" type

This type of dresses are very specific for the lower part of the body.The lower part of the dress embrace your legs and it's best to combine it with high heels.The tight structure of the dress gives a really strict and elegant outlook to your body figure.These kind of dresses have tightly fixed hem and it's lenght is usually up to or below the knees.Women with fit or as we know it "hourglass body shape" will simply  amaze with their appearance.Wearing this type of dress is suitable for official events,interviews,coctail lounges or unplanned events.Feel free to drop everyone's jaws if you are bold enought to get one of these!

The shift dress

As you can say by their name,the free dress embrace less your body.Because of this,many women are huge fans specifically of this kind of dress.They don't have a particular waist which does not underlines the figure that much.The lenght varies significantly from one to the other.Irrespective of a casual date,going out with friends,college/school festival or many more,the free dress is suitable for anytime,anywhere.It's a design that you may wear at work of half-official events.

The printed dress:

The geometrical dress

What an amazing thing are the geometrical signs in fashion industry and their weird atractiveness,which they succeed to accomplish.It doesn't matter if you define them as bold,attractive or versatile,the geomatrical prints add some incredible freshness to every spring/summer warderobe and much of a shik in the autumn/winter ones.From some bold squares,triangles,big circles to dots,the prints of geometrical shapes in clothes can become elegant combinations that just can't be missed.And the best thing about it is that will keep on for years and years.

The animal print dress

One thing you know for sure about them is that you'll never get bored with them and they were always considered as fabulous.The dresses on animal print were always at the top of the fashion trends.Their dominance at the beginning of the 90's was so overall that it transfered it's style to every other clothing lines.Starting from dresses,continuing with fake leather coats with a "leopard" print to land at  "zebra" trousers",the animal prints are not shy to demonstrate their supremacy that can't be broken down.

The floral dress

The floral prints are essenial fashion model which mercilessly dominates over throught spring and summer.There are all kind of variations - orchids,roses,daffodils and chrysantemums,the list of the splendid designs of floral motives that you can choose from is endless.Because of it's attractiveness one can say that it's unsuprising to spot some of the biggest names in fashion industry to use this classic and eternal theme in their autumn-winter collections.

The floral dress is the represantive face of the fun and romace of the changing seasons and the delightful joy that comes with it.Whether or not you are a fan of bright shades or soft pastel nuances,the floral motives shout out the feminine part in a women or the discrete charm in every perspective.So brace your appearance and accesoires with some colourful floral madness that is worth to be welcomed every season.


These are one of the most famous dresses that were worn by ladies worldwide today.The fashion was created with it's main aim to let you experiment and find your true self.You will be amazed to find what suits you most and how your mood affects your warderobe.Knowing what,where and how to combine it requires some main advices and tricks which we tried to hint you up above.Letting yourself be influenced by the everyday-speedy-changing-trends it's simply uneffective.At the end of the day tendencies come and go,but style is what takes place and stay.Stay true to yourself and you will be simply glorified by the influence that you may show to others in fashion aspect,let about attention and compliments that you will receive all the time .

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