We have been thinking about this dilemma for quite a bit. A dilemma that go under the skin in our whole society, it modifies ideas, finds adherents, engages innocent victims. A series of clichés, worn out which of the more, repeating events that you can only get lost into, but now able to find yourself. It's about the distorted beauty.

This kind of beauty most likely starts really innocent and with good intentions unless in most cases doesn’t become to monster sizes and the innocent victim falls into “Alice’s black hole” unless it drops helplessly deeper and deeper. Affecting this case, we don’t want to offend anybody but to give our estimation about what’s happening around us. We separate ourselves from judgmental sermons. We don’t want to judge but to protect the ones that are still quite unsure about their choice and their final outcome.

The vanity will always exist - and of course, it is useful as long as it can be controlled. But when the vanity unfolds it’s potential and begins to undermines the feet of her victim and we have to look around. At first place it comes with her softest face – a light cosmetic intervention, a hyaluronic filling in the lips, a barely remarkable Botox effect, almost invisible microblading on eyebrows (kind of tattoo on your eyebrows), fake hair extensions. You start to receive compliments or even better – no one notices this small change in yourself.

It’s such a common effect for the vanity to inevitably involve you that those casual interventions become a breast augmentation, contouring your cheekbones with a scalpel or a liposuction. And now comes the time to notice that there is nothing wrong about this when one does for his own needs. But when this was incited to please a fake made society standard, then the disappointment comes sooner to   later. Some girls succeed to stop right here. Listening to their inner voice, someone else’s advice or just their desire is fulfilled. But others aren’t that lucky. They keep to visit the plastic surgeon’s cabinet more often than they go to the grocery store and with every other procedure they like themselves even less and try even more to look like someone that just aren’t them.

Injecting multiple fillers, remaking waists, a third rhinoplasty (a surgery for changing the nose’s bone structure), sucking bodyfat and putting them in some other body part in you – the list can go on and on, and the doctor’s ethics and it’ value can be put under some serious questions.

By saying all of that, the only thing that we want to do here is to protect these ones that still hesitate to make or not to an appointment for an extra intervention.  Dear girls and women, you are truly beautiful and are already perfect exactly because there is no one else like you on this world. You are your one and only limited edition. Don’t let someone else’s fake perspectives of beauty to influence your own! A few extra pounds, the freckles or the thin lips are not a reason wanting to look like someone else. It’s is very likely this same person to have the same inner doubts about himself just like you. The fashion industries and the society’s orders often don’t know what a fair play is, they try to lower the foreign needs to their own. Don’t trust to every cover or a magazine article. Before they come to you, they were remade with tons of make-up and retouch. As cliché as it sounds it is the naked truth and it aims to make you believe in your own perfect self. Surrounded by all your loved ones, do you consider that they may want you to change something in your appearance and this make them love you more? The answer is right in front of you.

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