When one hears about models, automatically supermodels like Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum or Gigi Hadid cross their minds. Another cliché that comes second place is travelling worldwide, receiving lots of gifts and fame. There are also many other models, whose names aren't that famous but also earn quite a good money. They work behind the scenes as girls in showrooms or as advertise models who work with producers, contractors, airline companies, car manufacturers, fitness and wellness companies and many others. Their job is responsible and many contradictory requirements are made to them. Of course, not everyone can be the next supermodel but is very likely any of you to fit in some of the categories down below.

Fashion models

The fashion models, or what the industry calls them "editor models" are the ones you see in magazines as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan or the ones that have been hired for world's most famous designers as Armani, Gucci, D&G, Prada or Valentino. Their measures are - bust and hip below 90, waist below 60. They are very skinny and are higher than 180 cm. Fashion agencies always consider the final outlook that model gives and especially pay attention to the hypothesis if they can become editor models or not.

Catwalk models

The catwalk model's height is around 175 to 180 cm, usually their measures are very typical so they can all fit in designers’ clothes that are ready to be shown. They are closer to the popular "90x60x90" proportion. Most likely designers hire models that will fit to the collection that has been already created, they don't do collection for the models, unless we talk about a super model like Naomi Campbell or Doutzen Kroes.

Merchandise models 

Merchandise models can be at any age, any size and any height. Merchandise models can participate in any kind of production that usually isn't a high-quality advertising like for example advertises with different kind of goods (home stuff, food supplies, tourist industry, technical devices and the list could go on and on).

Plus size models

The plus size models became a large important part in the fashion industry and merchandise profit. Some of the lead agencies have contracts with plus size models and in the last few years we see them very often. The plus size models are considered ones for their whole outlook and not for the exact size they wear for example "12"(US) or "44"(EU) or larger. In the actual world those sizes aren't in the plus size category but in the fashion, industry is introduced like that.

Petite (small) models

Smaller model’s height is usually around 170 cm. or lower. Although these models rarely are shown at catwalks they have been hired for advertising bathing suits, underwear or for accessories modelling. Because of the smaller size of their body parts, they are really suitable for showing shoes and gloves, underwear and other the present the products better especially in closer looks.

Bathing suits/underwear models

 Bathing suits and underwear models have very typical curves and are more attractive that the haute-couture and catwalk ones. Bathing suits models can also advertise underwear, sleep or summer clothing and can also be introduced as showroom models and at many different representations.

Glamour models

The Glamour models just like the bathing suits and underwear models are more feminine and attractive than "Fashion" and "Catwalk" ones, they can also participate in commercials about bathing suits and underwear. The outlook of the model depends on the commercial's idea. The Glamour models are much sexier and they give to the advertised product very seductive look than what other kind of models would. Their message is all about the men auditory but without cutting off the female one. The girls on "Playboy", "Maxim" and etc. are often considered as "Glamour" models

Fitness models

 The fitness models are very energetic, athletic and toned. Many fitness models started first as athletes or simply trainers and later added the fitness modelling to their biography. In addition to their work for fitness industries, the supplements producers and sportswear, fitness models are commonly met as merchandise models too.

 Fit models

They are not the same as fitness models. The working (Fit) are models who work behind the scenes in fashion house's and in the process of creating the clothing line. The designers hire them only for the process and use their measures when changing the clothes. The clothing manufacturers require a variation of form and sizes models to make sure that the clothes meet the requirements before they were sent to the purchaser. A very important condition for these kinds of models is for them not to change their measures for a prolonged period of time.

Parts models

Parts models specialized in advertising only separate parts in human body such as arms, feet, eyes and others. Hand models can cooperate with jewelry, nails and beauty products and everywhere where the perfect hands need to be presented. The feet model work in shoes companies, pedicures photoshoots and also beauty products to present the perfect feet where it is needed. Well-kept, proportional body parts that can fit in small shoe, gloves, jewelry fitting are a must in this branch in the modelling business. The small (petite) models easily find job as parts models due to their smaller shoe sizes and etc.

Promotional models

Promotional models are very often searched for working at conferences, trade fairs where products or services are being popularized. They have to seem very natural and friendly. They have to be quite familiar with the main product because they may have to introduce it, explain about it or answer potential questions.

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