Happy new 2019 year, dear friends and customers! We wish you a wonderful, happy and positive year! We wish you success, dreams to come true and a lot of beauty through the New Year!

    Well, whether it's time to take a look at a very modern topic in the beginning of each year-the New year's promises and the plan for their implementation.

    Each of us can share their modest and meandering experiences with similar solutions, and thus enrich the vast ocean of motivational intentions. It’s logical that every intention comes through some natural steps, hesitations, decisions and realization that often come together so much that we forget where did it all begin. At the very beginning we feel truly motivated and we put together all of our efforts in every resolution, no matter what, to chase our target. As every other thing the human nature leaves itself to inaction sometimes and as the time goes by our motivation and desire steps aside to stagnancy and at the end we give up mainly because the goal we have set to ourselves is too high our seems unachievable. Here we would like to share some of the rules that we didn't discovered out by ourselves. But when we applied them, we got better results.

    Firstly – Set achievable goals. Too high expectations can demotivate us quickly and it is likely to lose our desire to the path of our aim. The division of one final and great goal in stages of smaller, more easily visible and achievable in a shorter time frame is a trick that is worth using. The more steps we go through, the more our motivation will be kept and be satisfied from the steps that are already behind. The proverb that the even the longest road starts with a simple step is the main strategy from this approach.

    Secondly – Set enough time. Even if your aim is divided into smaller time sections, it may occur that it is just not enough and there is a real, danger that your aim can seriously suffer. Take enough time, provide even more, if your plans go to wrong direction or there are circumstances beyond your control. Our own experience showс that for a target to be completed, whether it’s successful or not, it takes the same amount of time but it is always more than we thought it’s going to take us to finish the project.

    Thirdly – Consistency! “The spring doesn’t come in a day or the diligence divides success and failure”, sounds a bit of cliché, because it has been said over and over again through decades but it is actually true. Don’t expect the effect of changing your habits to happen right away. The change comes slowly and sometimes cannot be seen by us, but is visible to the surrounding. Accept the fact that there will always be some hard things to overcome and the dessert is served always last at the table.

    Sometimes you may get a drop in your enthusiasm, give yourself a break for a few days and try again. In case you lost all of your motivation to chase your goals – then give it one more chance. If and then your experience is unsuccessful, perhaps there is another initiative that will be more appropriate for you. In fact, who can tell what is more important, the purpose or the path to it. No matter what purpose we have achieved, it only fills a small part of our time. The way to this and all the other goals you set is all the rest of the time...Is there a dispute here, what's more important?

Be happy and healthy, believe in yourself and your own strength and know that you are absolutely unique! The team of Elook.eu wishes you a magical year, full of dreams that come true.

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