Dressing up for work, interview, internship and other events is a source of disorder for everyone at some point in their career. Every company and event are unique and have their own dress code and to fit in a new place can cause much stress- mostly about finding the perfect outfit. You want to make the best impression and you have to accept the fact that clothes say a lot about what you as a first impression. If you would like to create an image of yourself and to prove that you are a stable and self-esteemed woman and not just a mom, coming straight from the kid’s playground. The society expects from women that they split equally their time between the gym and the night clubs.

   Here we would like to talk about some basic stuff in fashion and to specify the fact that they refer to the business sector. This style belongs mostly to the financial industries, some parts of   corporate business and some public administration’s positions. Nowadays many people work in offices worldwide and the style is an established dress  code, you may play around with colours, shapes, lengths and is not as strict as the one in corporate world.

   Usually when one speaks’a about business style, the association may vary from a funny costume on the director of a regional bank branch to the very elegant costume that belongs to a higher politician’s  from the elite’s world. The man business dress code is a very specific trajectory – it’s almost a “religion” itself and also the prices are very high. Thankfully, in ladies fashion style things are much more exciting. What do we define as standard and what includes in business dress code?

    Whether the season is summer or winter you will need more than one blouse or shirt. This is the element that you can experiment with your individuality and it’s cheaper that other clothes. The only strict limit we talk about here is the blouse/shirt’s length. You can always tuck them inside the trousers or skirts but sometimes it’s unsuitable. You can choose between many collars and décolletages and pick shirts with high collars and wear them with a ponytail and 2-3 unbuttoned buttons. The pattern choice is practically endless between dots , stripes, flowers or abstract figures. Anything can be interesting if it is well combined in between. There are no main colours, but there is a must that the ones that you picked should suit to the solid business colours: dark blue, black, grey, brown, khaki or bordeaux.

    Important thing when it comes to dresses and skirts is material and colour, but the exact length is critical.

    Depending on the season you can match a dress, trousers or a skirt in a combination with a blazer or a blouse. Sometimes the blazer from a set of a skirt and blazer is much more conservative. You can play around with your outfit if you pick a blazer in a lighter tone that suits your vision. Bet on a small lapel, a tighter line and 2-buttoned one. The Chanel look-alike blazers are also much preferate ones. A really effective hint is to buy a few more blouses or shirts – they can be much. This is the element that you can put in the most of your individuality and it’s the easiest (and cheapest) change in a set. You can change your outfit with different blouses and with only one pair of trousers. The skirts must always reach the knee or be up to it with a simple slit that makes it easier when taking the stairs. A length under the knee with a normal highness of the waist is sometimes unusual. Another combination that is really admired by younger girls is the high-waist skirt (often without a lining and with a well-tucked in shirt) and length below the knee. The first association when a colleague dressed like pass through your sight is a mermaid, but in the man’s business world the approaches to a mermaid are only two.

    Below the waist the dresses must hold on to skirts rules that we pointed out a few lines backwards. Up the waist blouses must be tucked in, without defining too much your body or extra collates and decollates hinting a simple jewel. A long or a ¾ sleeve is a must and the exception can be made only in the supper hot summer days.

    Bag: A structured bag looks more specific and highly professional than a soft and a creasy one. The colour between the shoes and the bag should combine well.
Shoes: The accent is to fit, to be comfortable with a small or a middle heel, not higher than 6 cm. High heels, platforms or ballet slippers is unacceptable. Besides through the hot summer days, it is much better for the shoe to cover your toes.

    We  in Elook.com and many of you like the all-the-time changing and inconstant nature of fashion , but we have to agree that the classic, durable style in the modern fashion lady can be contained in one simple sentence :
“Your clothes have to be as tight as they simply underline that you are a woman and wide enough to show that you are a lady”!

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